Death of Me is dead on arrival. With a predictable yet muddled plot, the movie is mostly lifeless. Following Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil (Luke Hemsworth) on a trip to an island off the coast of Thailand, Death of Me opens in a disheveled Airbnb as the couple struggles with the aftermath of a raucous night out. Filthy and unable to remember what happened, Christine and Neil turn to technology to retrace their steps. They discover, via a two-hour-long video on Neil’s camera, that he violently killed Christine the night before. So how is she sitting right next to him? As the couple continues to unravel the mystery, Christine’s aggressive approach to finding the truth is the only saving grace in a movie that relies on cultural stereotypes about curses and conspiracies. These, and general horror tropes, are addressed with a half-hearted wink and nod, but it’s not enough to justify their use or revive the movie.