Plenty of hard rock and heavy-metal-themed movies successfully celebrate and satirize the culture that inspired them, but others kinda miss the mark. Deathgasm is a horror comedy in which a band stumbles upon a mysterious piece of music, and by playing it inadvertently cause its neighbors to be possessed by murderous demons. It’s a throwback to gross-out splatstick classics, but beyond the bloodshed it often comes across like a visit into the fantasy life of a stereotypical metal boy . . . circa 1993. (Only one woman character has lines in the film’s first 40 minutes, and she’s a high school prep who’s transformed into a metalhead with help from her dorky love interest and his Anal Cunt CD.) The award-winning special effects might be worth the ticket price, and catching Chicago metal trio Lair of the Minotaur in the soundtrack is a bonus. But there isn’t enough plot to keep it engaging—by the end I found myself wishing I’d gone to a local metal show instead.