Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond) adapts Nechama Tec’s nonfiction book about the Bielski brothers, Polish Jews who outfoxed the Nazis and saved 1,200 lives by building a partisan community in the woods of Belarus. As the eldest brother, a smuggler turned resistance leader, Daniel Craig gives a strong performance but gets upstaged by Liev Schreiber as his hotheaded sibling, who avenges the murders of their family by joining the Red Army. Zwick, intent on correcting the perception of Jews as passive victims, lets the action set pieces overwhelm the more intimate scenes, several of which are already diminished by stilted dialogue. Some of the quieter moments are better, like those with Jamie Bell as a younger brother whose marriage sparks a light in the forest and points to a future beyond. In English and subtitled Russian, Polish, and Yiddish. R, 137 min.