Delivery Man

A lovable Brooklyn truck driver (Vince Vaughn) learns that his copious donations to a sperm bank decades earlier have produced a whopping 533 offspring, a large portion of whom have banded together in a lawsuit to discover his identity. Remaking his earlier feature Starbuck (2011), writer-director Ken Scott follows through on this novel idea with some funny and unexpectedly melancholy scenes in which the hero spies on and gets to know his biological children. In fact, the possibilities of the premise are so rich—what happens when these 20-somethings all start asking for money?—you wonder why Scott squanders so much screen time on more routine plot concerns (the hero owes money to a loan shark, his girlfriend is pregnant and wants him to grow up, his father is disappointed in him, etc). This must be the sweetest comedy Vaughn has ever made, and he’s in top form throughout, especially trading barbs with Chris Pratt as his friend and overmatched attorney.