Polish writer-director Marcin Wrona unearthed the old Yiddish legend of the dybbuk for this modern tale of a wedding celebration torn apart by demonic possession. The trouble begins when the groom (Itay Tiran) unearths a skeleton on the property he’s excavating for the couple’s new home; he begins to behave oddly at the reception, and as night stretches into morning the madness proves to be contagious. Tonally the film recalls Andrzej Żuławski’s shrieking psychodrama Possession (1981), though the key to that movie was its inexplicability and Wrona’s movie, with its conventional horror backstory, is much less perplexing. Tragically, the talented Wrona (The Christening) hanged himself in September 2015, just after debuting this feature at the Gdynia film festival. In Polish with subtitles.