Paying tribute to the golden age of Bollywood, specifically Raj Kapoor’s Sangam, this 1992 film seems as hokey as its models but lacks the epic audacity that makes them so exhilarating. Avram (Muhammad Bakri) returns to his hometown to pay tribute to his recently deceased brother and confronts his brother’s widow (Yona Elian), whom he abandoned 25 years earlier in deference to his brother’s arranged marriage. The brother’s movie theater has been shuttered since Avram left town, but Avram’s two nephews have decided to reopen it and screen Sangam, the most popular film ever shown there. Director Benny Torati captures the quirkiness and insularity of small-town life, and the script’s annoying cliches and improbable coincidences are overcome by Torati’s compassion for the characters. 97 min.