Nasim Pedrad stars as a lost woman looking for a job and a relationship in this L.P.-directed comedy. The plot has promise, but a lot of flopped jokes and cringy (in a bad way) moments prove the film to be desperate indeed. The leading lady and her two friends embark on a journey to Cancún, on a dummy mission to delete a message she sent to her boyfriend during an emotional breakdown. What could have been a light-hearted story about the things people will do to keep love turned into a series of odd conversations between friends that don’t transfer to real life. On the main character’s dates and in other challenging scenarios throughout the film, many of her stumbles that were supposed to be jokes don’t land. In fact, there weren’t many laughs to be had at all, a result of possibly trying too hard. Any funny film should also be relatable and have true stakes—this Netflix release failed to do either.