Five people trapped on a high-rise elevator are terrorized by an unknown killer who just might be the devil. The great cinematographer Tak Fujimoto has the time of his life on this low-budget horror feature, playing with dolly shots, abrupt zooms, and negative space inside the widescreen frame, and the fun is infectious. Director John Erick Dowdle supplies a lot of affectionate lower-middle-class detail, but the dominant creative voice is producer and story contributor M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, The Happening). While this never achieves the psychological depth of the Val Lewton horror features it was obviously modeled on (it’s the first of five quickies Shyamalan has signed to make for New Rights Media, which recalls Lewton’s set-up at RKO), it’s still satisfying entertainment in a personal vein. Amid plenty of good, clean scares, the movie’s most surprising element may be its mature pondering of Christian morals.