Tim Kirk’s low-budget effort Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein (2015) used an old 70s horror movie with a mock director’s commentary to surreal and dramatic effect. With a somewhat bigger budget, screenwriter Penn Jillette and director Adam Rifkin have created their own movie, a crowdfunded Saw knockoff starring Harry Hamlin and Missi Pyle, and added a layer of audio commentary from one Herbert Blount (Jillette), a deep-pocketed “executive producer” who purchased the right to shoot a “making of” video and weaves his own footage into the film. The metamovie angle is nothing new, but Jillette has fashioned a cutting-edge backstage farce by zeroing in on the absurdity of crowdfunding, with people buying screen roles for themselves and the shoot turning into an ongoing meet and greet. The story grows silly near the end as the filmmakers try to pump some action into it, but for the most part this is clever, cagey, and creepy.