This sequel to the French actioner District B13 (2004) offers more of what made the original such a sublimely stupid pleasure. In a neofascist France of the modestly budgeted near future, ethnic rabble-rousers inhabiting a walled ghetto fight back against a government conspiracy to destroy them. Leading the fight again are parkour star David Belle as champion of the slums and Cyril Raffaelli as his straight-arrow supercop buddy. As an actor Belle makes Steven Seagal look like Alec Guinness, but as a martial acrobat he makes Jackie Chan look like Guinness too. Raffaelli can’t match Belle’s Spider-Man stunts, but he’s got mad screen presence and fighting skills. Patrick Alessandrin directed a screenplay by the prolific French action producer Luc Besson (La Femme Mikita). In French with subtitles. R. 101 min.