Only Dolly Parton, the pre-eminent country music star of our generation, could bring our divided country together in an over-the-top mind-bogglingly improbable holiday special that can only be described as A Christmas Carol meets Touched By an Angel as adapted by a fabulous campy frustrated high school theater teacher. It’s horribly magnificent. What’s the plot? It doesn’t matter, because Debbie Allen choreographed a corps of dancing men (!), and Dolly is covered in sequins and floating on a glowing CGI cloud as the Ghost of Christmas (!), haunting a pitch-perfect Christine Baranski’s character Regina Fuller into being a better person. Apparently Fuller wants to sell the town square to a mall blah, blah, but THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT because she’s in love with Carl (a heartwarming Treat Williams), but keeps messing it up! Meanwhile, Fuller gets to sing a belty duet with her sassy best Black friend Margeline (Jenifer Lewis), and just when you realize she might be a broad stereotype, an adorable child (Selah Kimbro Jones as Violet) makes you cry through the power of song. Josh Segarra plays a stiff Pastor Mc Dreamy—I mean Pastor Christian—who is remarkably nonplussed when his congregation sings about murder, and Jeanine Mason hits that treacly Wholesome note as Dolly’s deputy angel Felicity. There’s some nonsense about a lamp, an IVF storyline, a dark left turn in the plot, not too much religion, and overall it’s just a lovely hot mess, perfect for the whole family to watch, while sipping a mug of eggnog with an extra shot of rum.