Dom Hemingway

“Jude Law is Dom Hemingway,” reads the poster for this British comedy—just in case you needed some persuading that the poised, delicately handsome actor could pull off his role as a brutal, randy, flamboyant, explosively angry ex-con. He does, but the real star here is writer-director Richard Shepard (The Matador), who pumps enough comic juice into the story to revive its shopworn premise of a career criminal hitting the streets again after years in the can. (Typical of Shepard’s sly wit, and Law’s deft handling of it, is the scene in which Dom tracks down the guy who slept with his wife while he was away, beats him bloody, then relaxes into some nostalgic banter with the man’s coworker as if nothing has happened.) Richard E. Grant, a wonderfully baleful character actor too seldom seen on these shores, costars as Dom’s safecracking accomplice, whose prosthetic hand tends to fly off in stressful situations.