In this engrossing Brazilian drama, a slovenly 17-year-old boy questioning his gender identity (Naomi Nero) has his world rocked when police arrive at his lower-class home, allege that he was abducted at birth, and take him in for a DNA test, which reveals that his true family is a wealthy, conservative clan with strong ideas about who he should be. Meanwhile the woman who raised him (Daniela Nefussi) faces prison time, and his beloved kid sister, found to be an abducted child as well, is returned to her birth parents. Writer-director Anna Muylaert (The Second Mother) mines this unusual situation for high comedy, as the boy begins cross-dressing to infuriate his new family, but there are also terribly painful moments as the smaller family is torn apart and the biological mother (Nefussi again), who’s been pining for her stolen son, finds him unreachable. In Portuguese with subtitles.