As pretentious and dumb as its title, this would-be art movie plays like a Larry Clark film without the wit, daring, insight, or aesthetic sensibility. It takes place in a small desert town where the local industry has dried up and many residents have moved away; characters refer to leaving town as “going to the moon” and dreamily say stuff like “I wonder what it’s like to live on moon.” A miscast Rashida Jones plays a working-poor mother whose husband (James Franco, also miscast) abandons their family near the start of the picture; the subsequent, entropic story centers on the couple’s teenage son as he falls into delinquency. First-time director Bruce Thierry Cheung (who cowrote the script with Dean Bakopoulos, on whose novel this is based) aims for an impressionistic aesthetic, but the results feel like a cross between a bad student film and an overlong Levi’s commercial. Johnny Jewel’s electronic score is grating as well.