The vibrant color, fluid camera movement, and intricate production design in the films of Johnnie To (Exiled, Sparrow) mark the Hong Kong director as one of the few contemporary artists who merit comparison with Vincente Minnelli. This joyous romantic comedy, coscripted by To’s frequent collaborator Wai Ka-fai, particularly recalls Minnelli in the way decor reflects the characters’ emotional states. The story is an old-fashioned love triangle about a businesswoman torn between a shy architect and her go-getter boss, and To uses Hong Kong’s steel-and-glass skyscrapers to convey not only the characters’ outsize desires but the public repercussions of their mistakes. Their world seems so alive with possibility that you might expect them to break into song; instead they stage elaborate dumb shows for each other in the bay windows of their offices. In Cantonese and Mandarin with subtitles.