Adapted from the 1960s British TV show The Magic Roundabout, and released in the UK under that name in 2005, this animated feature was subsequently recut, redubbed, and retitled by its U.S. distributor, the Weinstein Company. (As part of this face-lift, Jeff Fowler’s 2004 short Gopher Broke has been inserted into the narrative as well.) The results are flat-out tedious, from the fart jokes to the numerous movie references. Codirectors Jean Duval, Frank Passingham, and Dave Borthwick can’t resist the tendency of CGI to make every object spherical: from the title shaggy dog to the snail in love with a cow, the characters are so bulbous they look like talking gumdrops. Judi Dench narrates; with the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, and Ian McKellen. G, 81 min.