The venerable first-person shooter game Doom comes to the big screen with the Rock as commander of a group of space marines patrolling a teleportation project between earth and Mars. The misfunctioning teleporters have cut some poor souls in half (they tear around on futuristic wheelchairs) and are unleashing fiendish creatures that decimate the Rock’s crew one by one. Like the game, this plays out in blue, dimly lit corridors, with monsters leaping out of dark corners. The Rock’s ungainly performance is somewhat alleviated by Karl Urban as a crew member and Rosamund Pike as his twin sister, a doctor on the project. But at the preview screening I saw they were all upstaged by the lethal BFG 9000; it may be the first time I’ve heard a weapon get an ovation. Andrzej Bartkowiak directed. R, 104 min.