You can’t set the comedy bar much lower than spoofing the old Rock Hudson-Doris Day romances, and though I laughed occasionally at this feature by Peyton Reed (Bring It On), its winking parody of 60s cocktail culture seems pretty hollow after Far From Heaven and Catch Me if You Can. Renee Zellweger plays the small-town author of the title volume, a sort of dumbed-down The Feminine Mystique whose international success motivates a caddish magazine reporter (Ewan McGregor) to induce her to fall in love with him. David Hyde Pierce has the Tony Randall role as McGregor’s neurotic editor, and Randall himself does a cameo as the venerable publisher of Zellweger’s best-seller. Among the many set pieces is one hilariously clever sight gag in which a split-screen telephone conversation between the leads develops into an increasingly lewd series of couplings; other than that I’d rather be sipping martinis to a Les Baxter LP.