Narrated by Tilda Swinton, this poetic essay film uses animation and clips from silent movies and early talkies to ponder the cultural effects of electronic communications. Writer-directors Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart, and Thomas Tode explicitly link the new modes of thinking caused by radio, film, recording, and telecommunications to our current metamorphoses in the dawn of the online age. The filmmakers focus on the power of technology to erase distances—among the phenomena considered are the worldwide potency of Sergei Eisenstein’s Potemkin as revolutionary propaganda, the pioneering TV broadcast of the 1936 Olympic games from inside Nazi Germany, and the amateur radio enthusiasts who inadvertently blocked distress calls from the Titanic. “To be is to be connected,” Swinton concludes near the end, summing up a film whose images of the past predict not only our present but our future.