Back in 2002 the Weinstein Company released the documentary Comedian, which recorded Jerry Seinfeld’s return to New York comedy clubs after the ninth and final season of his cherished NBC sitcom. Over the course of a year, director Christian Charles trailed Seinfeld as he tried out new material at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, the Gotham Comedy Club in Chelsea, and other venues, gradually working up a brand-new one-hour set he could take to the concert stage. Comedian’s narrow focus on the craft of stand-up was relatively novel at the time: Seinfeld, submitting once again to the merciless judgment of club audiences, labors over his material, commiserating with his fellow comics in the bar after each set and endlessly revising every gag to get the biggest response. One leaves the movie with a fresh appreciation of how much skill, judgment, and hard work go into a performance that seems effortless onstage. Continue reading >>