Based on the real-life story of Lu Yong—a Chinese man who was unable to afford the medication for his leukemia and began smuggling a less-expensive version of it from India—Wen Muye’s social realist drama takes a familiar approach but is affecting nevertheless. Xu Zheng stars as the Lu Yong character; here he doesn’t have the disease himself but rather gets into prescription drug smuggling to make money and provide for his elderly father and young son. His motivations begin to change after he assembles a group of accomplices (a mix of leukemia patients and people with sick relatives) and becomes close with them. The camaraderie within the group accounts for the film’s best scenes; they’re quite humorous at times, adding levity to the serious subject matter. Hugely successful in China (and a significant factor in recent drug cost reform), this isn’t an innovative piece of filmmaking, but it’s enjoyable and thought provoking. In English and subtitled Mandarin.