The best of these seven videos is the shortest: Tucker C. Doherty’s bouncy Repodyke is a witty four-minute blend of drama, mock infomercial, and music video (with a song by the Jane Waynes) in which a lesbian repo crew recovers a client’s vacuum cleaner from her obnoxious ex-girlfriend. Conversely, the weakest is the longest: Laura Jean Cronin’s Leave It! (2002, 28 min.) is a trite, rambling story of a romance that begins in a canine obedience class. The other five would seem quite at home on network TV were it not for their lesbian content. The best of these is Lee Friedlander’s Give or Take an Inch (2002), which tells its story about a lesbian’s hostility to her sister’s impending sex-change operation (“I just want things to be normal”) with subtly destabilizing camera movements and editing rhythms. 99 min.