A program of 12 lesbian-themed shorts. Dayna McLeod’s animated Master Libation (2002)—in which a woman searches her house for a mislaid dildo—borrows its backgrounds from a 50s interior design book and imbues the bourgeois decor with a provocative sexual charge. The similarly bright colors of Elisabeth Subrin’s Well, Well, Well (2002), a music video for the feminist band Le Tigre, help make it that rarest of things: a rock video that actually heightens the experience of the song. Cheryl Furjanic wittily decodes body language in a lesbian bar in Bar Talk (2002). Carolyn Caizzi and Laura Rodriguez’s Camouflage Pink is a high school drama with a good feel for the uncertainties of teen sexuality: arguing that hetero institutions are bad, a militant lesbian discourages her friend from attending the prom with a boy, but then decides to go herself when asked out by a girl. With eight other videos. 103 min.