Six very different pieces produced between 1965 and ’75, and all worth seeing. In Pat Rocco’s Yes (1968), a chance outdoor meeting between two men, one nude, involves a lot of looking and some rather chaste touching; the result is an erotic tension not found in hardcore porn. Ronald Chase’s Cathedral (1972) is grandly arty in a way that’s oddly appealing: three nude male bodies are superimposed onto one another to suggest the architecture of a light-filled cathedral. In Roger Jacoby’s Kunst Life Parts 1 – 3 (1975), the shaky camera loses sight of the action, whether it’s someone playing the flute or engaging in an S and M scene, while the sound track continues. As for the New York City subway sex in Peter DeRome’s Underground (1972), filmed with similarly fugitive shakiness—lucky for them that they weren’t caught.