Eastern Boys

Film editors who graduate to directing often bring with them an immaculate sense of pacing (e.g., Robert Wise), and this second feature by Robin Campillo—who cut Laurent Cantet’s Human Resources, Time Out, and The Class—sustains tension for more than two hours despite its simple story. A lonely, middle-aged bachelor (Olivier Rabourdin) solicits sex from an undocumented Chechen teenager (Kirill Emelyanov), but when the boy shows up at the man’s swank high-rise apartment, he’s accompanied by a large contingent of fellow illegals who barge in, throw themselves a party, and steal everything in sight. Despite this vicious hustle, a love affair blooms between the man and the boy, who’s just as intimidated by his friends as the man is, and a battle of wills slowly takes shape between the man and the gang’s cool, fearsome leader (Daniil Vorobyev). In English, subtitled French, and unsubtitled Russian.