Eating Animals

This hard-hitting documentary, based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s memoir, bypasses his personal history of vegetarianism and goes straight for the jugular of corporate factory farming, exposing its myriad abuses of food animals and the effects on people and the environment. From the enormous toxic-waste lagoons colored a nauseous pink by hogs’ blood and feces to the mutilated, diseased chickens suffering in overcrowded coops, director Christopher Dillon Quinn (God Grew Tired of Us) surveys the cost-cutting ways large-scale agribusiness finds to deliver cheap meat to a rapidly expanding global population of carnivores. Some of this ground has been covered in documentaries like Food, Inc. (2008) and Fresh: The Movie (2009), but none of these films mention that the most effective way to reduce animal consumption would be to scale back on human procreation. Natalie Portman narrates.