Hearing is a metaphor that plays throughout this somber Israeli marital drama from its earliest scenes. The first depicts a traffic tunnel explosion in Haifa and workers on walkie-talkies summoning their construction boss, Avner (Yoram Toledano), to the site; the second shows Avner, against the protests of his wife (Yaël Abecassis), dislodging a cotton swab from her ear. Later, after he suspects she may have a lover, Avner taps the family phone to monitor her calls, and his angst spirals into obsession. Writer-directors Amikam Kovner and Assaf Snir rely on the soulful intensity of Toledano (star of the Israeli TV hit Prisoners of War, on which Showtime’s Homeland is based) to carry the slender plot, but even his considerable magnetism can’t drum up a rooting interest in a character who wouldn’t listen to what was said, and what was left unsaid, until the damage was done. In Hebrew with subtitles.