Elvis & Nixon chronicles the day in December 1970, treasured by absurdists and pop-culture fanatics the world over, when Elvis Presley got himself invited to the Oval Office to talk with President Richard Nixon. You’ve seen the photograph of them shaking hands, the most-requested image in the National Archives; you’ve probably heard the story of their meeting, in which the King charmed Tricky Dick and came away with a special badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Presley and Nixon have been objects of public fascination for so long, and have been portrayed onscreen by so many different people already, that any movie bringing them together runs the risk of turning into a cartoon—which this one is. The spectacle of Presley visiting Nixon’s buttoned-down White House in his jeweled sunglasses, silk scarf, open shirt, and giant gold belt is inherently farcical, but Elvis & Nixon might have delivered more than dumb laughs. Continue reading >>