Emma Peeters (Monia Chokri) is tired of being alive. Stuck in a dead-end job, aging out of her less-than-successful acting career, and dreading her future, Emma plans to end it all on her 35th birthday. Writer-director Nicole Palo’s second feature is unapologetically macabre—Emma buys her own casket and searches for cyanide pills on internet forums—but her plans take an unexpected turn when she begins to take a romantic interest in a funeral home employee. Even with its taboo subject matter, Emma Peeters bursts at the seams with witty humor, self awareness, and a complicated feeling of hope. Sometimes taking control of your life isn’t an act of optimism or inspiration—it’s bleak, a little bit selfish, and full of contradictions. But Emma Peeters is a fighter through and through, and it’s impossible not to root for her as she confronts her mortality head-on. In French with subtitles.