This 46-minute “digest” of Andy Warhol’s 1964 film, which was originally eight hours long, was produced and edited by the Museum of Modern Art, which created a similar if less severe edit of Warhol’s six-hour Sleep (while stating it was restoring the original). It’s hard to know what’s being historicized more by this dubious practice: Is the freedom and outrageousness of the 60s being thrown into relief? Or the puritanical constraints and intolerance of the 90s? When Hollywood studios engage in this sort of mutilation it’s usually called philistinism, but when institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art are responsible it’s commonly regarded as art history. Empire is an apparently silent view of the Empire State Building shot by Jonas Mekas from the 44th floor of the Time-Life Building. Not having seen the original—which has been unavailable, to the best of my knowledge, since the 60s—I can’t comment on how 46 minutes are supposed to “represent” eight hours. But who knows? If a drastically reduced Greed is still worth seeing, the same may be true of an even more drastically reduced Empire.