En el Séptimo Día

The first feature in 12 years from American indie director Jim McKay (Girls Town) is a winning slice-of-life drama about an undocumented Mexican immigrant (Fernando Cardona) living in Brooklyn and working to bring his pregnant wife to the U.S. A bicycle delivery man for a fancy restaurant and the best player on his community soccer team, the protagonist is torn between his teammates, who include his current roommates from Puebla, Mexico, and his boss, who hints at a promotion to busboy if he’ll skip the team’s championship game to work a Sunday shift. The narrative spans a week in the hero’s life, building to the climactic weekend, and McKay shows how daily struggles and slights fuel the man’s internal quandary. Cardona grounds the role in quiet dignity, while the other nonprofessional actors who make up the cast add authenticity to this unvarnished world. In Spanish with subtitles.