In a millennial mood and neat black clothes, the devil (Gabriel Byrne) arrives in New York in search of a bride—Robin Tunney plays his unsuspecting choice—and apparently the only one who can stop him from taking her (and humanity into the bargain) is Arnold Schwarzenegger, as an alcoholic ex-cop. He protects the young lady, whips Satan’s ass, gets crucified at least twice, and briefly turns into Lucifer himself, but saves the human race just the same. In real life, of course, Schwarzenegger is a millionaire, so who would dare begrudge him his desire to play Christ and the Antichrist at practically the same time? Catholics should find this loud, campy horror show a lot more offensive than Dogma, but I guess money speaks louder than faith—and here, as in Paradise Lost, Satan gets all the best lines. Peter Hyams, a pretty good cinematographer but a mediocre director, goes to work on a script by Andrew W. Marlowe that?s designed to carry us from one bit of hyperbole to the next. With Kevin Pollak, CCH Pounder, Derrick O’Connor, Miriam Margolyes, and Rod Steiger at his hammiest.