End of Sentence is a melancholy movie. After Anna (Andrea Irvine) dies, she leaves behind her husband Frank (John Hawkes) and son Sean (Logan Lerman) with a request that they unite to scatter her ashes. Determined to grant Anna’s dying wish, Frank picks up Sean the day he’s released from prison with a deal his estranged son can’t refuse. A road movie, they embark on a trip to Ireland that allows viewers a vicarious escape to a beautifully shot Irish countryside as the men remain confined to a car facing unresolved issues. They reconcile, of course, but not before taking a few wrong turns. The most interesting of which comes when they meet Jewel (Sarah Bolger), a breath of fresh air that teeters on being a cliche before revealing the unexpected. End of Sentence does the same, adding a smartly considered and surprising overlay to a mostly familiar map.