According to the publicity blurb, these videotapes “are an anecdote [sic] to the prevailing climate of fear of sexuality and government intervention into the privacy of the bedroom.” Unfortunately, this misused word is somewhat accurate, to judge from the preview tape that I sampled—that is, the relationship of these tapes to “the prevailing climate” tends to be more anecdotal than antidotal. John Greyson’s The Jungle Boy alternates homoerotic autobiographical revery, clips from Zoltan Korda’s The Jungle Book, jokey intertitles, and snatches of hard-core porn; the amiably amateurish Evangelust, done by George Kuchar with his students, uses the exploits of Jim and Tammy Bakker as an excuse for some prolonged grungy high jinks and hamming; other works include Julie Zando’s The A Ha! Experience (about mothers and daughters) and Tom Kalin’s They Are Lost to Vision Altogether (which attacks the U.S. government’s resistance to funding AIDS-prevention information). “Extra added surprises” are also promised.