Every Everything: The Life, Music & Times of Grant Hart

Following the publication of Bob Mould’s 2011 memoir See a Little Light, Grant Hart gives his side of the Husker Du story, but even die-hard fans of the iconic 80s punk band might have trouble sitting through this shapeless documentary by Gorman Bechard. Hart and Mould divided the songwriting duties for Husker Du 50-50, though Mould quickly pulled ahead as an artist; according to Hart, the shit hit the fan after the band signed to Warner Bros. and the label picked his songs for the first two singles. Following the band’s acrimonious breakup in 1987, Mould scored hit records with Sugar while Hart returned to the Minneapolis underground that had birthed them. Interviewed by Bechard, he paces around an empty backyard in his trench coat and pointy red shoes, pantomiming a tour of the home that he recently lost to a fire; he’s a poignant figure, still pining for Mould as a collaborator, and though he’s had some interesting adventures in the last quarter century, Bechard keeps circling back around to the band that made him famous, heightening the sad sense of a man yoked to his past.