Radu Jude’s first feature, The Happiest Girl in the World (2009), was so astute in its comedy of family dysfunction that it was almost too uncomfortable to be funny; in this third effort the Romanian writer-director pushes things even further, walking a tightrope between domestic farce and psychodrama. A divorced dentist goes to his ex-wife’s apartment to pick up their daughter for the weekend, but a series of misunderstandings prevents him from leaving, and the afternoon spirals into chaos. Jude never reveals whether the man is crazy, driven to extremes by his ex’s vindictive behavior, or locked in a cycle of aggressive codependent behavior with her. Obscure as the character’s motives may be, Jude grounds the action in the sort of claustrophobic, intricately realized settings that have become a hallmark of Romanian cinema. In Romanian with subtitles.