Once upon a time, hard-core pornographic movies aspired to resemble actual films and not just collections of sex scenes; this 1976 production is one remnant of that bygone ambitious era. Modeled after Raymond Chandler’s fiction, it follows a New York detective who’s hired by a mysterious woman to find her younger brother, a wayward soul who disappeared into the Greenwich Village counterculture one year earlier. (Remarkably, no one ever makes a pun on “private dick.”) The cultural references range from Robert Montgomery’s Chandler adaptation Lady in the Lake (1947) to the contemporaneous body-art movement, and the local color is consistently vivid. As far as hard-core porn noir goes (which I’m sure isn’t very far), I prefer Anthony Spinelli’s It’s Called Murder, Baby (1982), but this isn’t half bad. Armand Weston wrote, directed, produced, and edited.