Thanks to a combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and digital production techniques—which allow single artists to make entire films relatively quickly—any of the shorts in this program capture the quick, neurotic energy of underground comics. (Not coincidentally, it was co-curated by graphic novelist Lile Carré.) Nowhere is this feeling more evident than in Dash Shaw’s The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D., which uses soft dream logic to transform an absurd premise (about a renegade artists’ model posing as a robot) into a parable on the value of art. Also commendable are Winona Regan’s Haunted Heart and Lisa Barcy’s Mermaid, both of which cast an innocent, even funny perspective on sexual deviancy. All of the best shorts in the program invite the viewer to share a specific, rather hermetic sense of wonder; the worst ones still succeed as glorified screen-savers.