Three of these ten videos address the common kids’ fantasy of seizing power from the adults who run their lives: In Wonchan Song’s Masterpieces a little bust of Beethoven watches over a boy’s piano practice, first raising an eyebrow and then trying to instruct him, but the kid rebels with a rocking riff that literally shatters the master. In Desconcierto, directed by four teens, a young violinist runs a scam in which she sits next to people on outdoor benches and plays so badly that they pay her to go away. The kids get even nastier in Pierre Monnard’s comedy Swapped, in which a boy trades his boring father for two goldfish and dad winds up getting traded away again and again; the complaint “All he ever did was read newspapers” is illustrated with a shot in which a paper seems to have replaced his head. A fourth video, Richard Antonius’s animated Piano Concerto (2000), is exceptionally beautiful: its blurred-photograph look, which resembles TV images breaking up, adds poignancy to its story of failed romance. 85 min.