Catherine Breillat delivers another meditation on adolescent female sexuality (2001). Breillat, who happens to be the younger sister of a former glamorous actress, investigates the relationship between two sisters on holiday with their parents at a beach resort. Elena, a beautiful 15-year-old, is hot to trot, while Anais, a pudgy 12-year-old, watches her pick up a handsome Italian at a cafe, quickly start making out with him, then sneak him into their shared bedroom for the inevitable, heartbreaking seduction. Their self-involved parents are oblivious, and Anais takes refuge in banana splits and floating in the crystal blue pool while making up sardonic songs. When Elena’s little romance collapses, there’s a nightmarish drive back home on a highway dense with speeding trucks—a prelude to the nightmares ahead. The shocking, ambiguous ending might have been better served by the film’s original, ambiguous title, “To My Sister!” In French and Italian with subtitles.