Felix and Meira

Felix (Martin Dubreuil) is a middle-aged man whose troubled relationship with his ailing father never discourages him from living off the man’s fortune; Meira (Hadas Yaron) is a young Hasidic Jew trapped in a suffocating marriage but unwilling to abandon her little daughter. Naturally these two misfits fall for each other, though Maxime Giroux, who wrote and directed this absorbing French Canadian drama, never allows us the satisfaction of thinking that the wealth and personal freedom Meira might enjoy with Felix will compensate for the loss of her child or even her cultural identity. This is the sort of movie whose warmth toward its characters is contagious; even Meira’s prissily devout husband (Luzer Twersky), who never tires of reminding her how she shames him and her daughter, turns out to be more dimensional and admirable than he first seems. In French and Hebrew with subtitles.