E.L. James’s ridiculous BDSM romance Fifty Shades of Grey and its blockbuster screen adaptation are ripe for parody, but this spoof by writer-star Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, Dance Flick) is downright rotten. The filmmakers show an impressive attention to detail, meticulously re-creating the original film’s costumes and sets, and Kali Hawk nails her Dakota Johnson impression as the virginal protagonist, but their efforts fail to compensate for a script crammed with amplified racial stereotypes and misogynistic swipes. The first time Wayans’s perverted cad describes Hawk’s character as “ugly,” the irony is worth a chuckle, but when the male characters’ descriptions of her ugliness become a running gag, augmented by a pile-on of rape jokes, the movie’s mean-spiritedness becomes even more painful than the dippiness of the source material. Michael Tiddes directed; with Jane Seymour and Mike Epps.