Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie adaptation of E.L. James’s best-selling porn novel, screened for the press last week at Showplace ICON, in a room jammed with feverish women. But I wanted to see it again in IMAX, on a seven-story screen, because I was curious whether the movie could be blown up any bigger than it already has been. Every opinion writer in America has something to say about Fifty Shades>Newsweek has even published a special issue, “Fifty Shades Phenomenon: Exploring the Sexual Revolution,” which promises to take readers inside the secret world of BDSM. You can stroll into Target now and buy the official Fifty Shades of Grey lubricant and Fifty Shades of Grey vibrator. The hype is getting bigger and bigger, the tension building up inside me, and oh God, I think I’m going to . . . Continue reading >>