Stephen Merchant, cocreator of the BBC series The Office, wrote and directed this comic docudrama about WWE fighter Paige (nee Saraya Knight), who rose to international prominence on the pro wrestling circuit when she was in her late teens. Don’t expect any of the discomforting humor or camerawork that made The Office so influential; this is pat, sentimental stuff, from its underdog narrative to its corny one-liners. The story follows Paige as she gets plucked from her family’s amateur wrestling show in Norwich, England, to train for the WWE in Florida. Needless to say she faces setbacks on her journey to stardom, such as missing her parents and dealing with the jealousy of her older brother, whose own dreams of becoming a pro wrestler have gone down the drain. The film is basic and predictable, but its sincerity is hard to overlook. With Vince Vaughn, Nick Frost, and Florence Pugh as Paige.