Sunset (1967, 33 min.), which has been compared to the paintings of Mark Rothko, was unavailable for preview, but the other two Warhol films on this program are particularly strong. In the silent Shoulder (1964, 4 min.), Warhol focuses on the shoulder of dancer Lucinda Childs, using her dress strap to create a curiously masculine composition and directing the viewer’s attention to the minimal action of her muscles flexing. Restaurant (1965, 33 min.), an early sound film, opens with a close-up of cups and napkins, conversation audible on the sound track and a hand or a shadow moving across the frame occasionally. Later Warhol zooms out to reveal superstar Edie Sedgwick dining out with a group, but his peculiarly passive-aggressive gaze persists; the camera seems to control the action while remaining an observer.