Sins of the Fleshapoids

Twin brothers from the Bronx, George and Mike Kuchar improbably broke into the New York filmmaking underground in the early 60s with a series of homemade 16-millimeter opuses that drew on the cheesiest aspects of Hollywood horror, sci-fi, and melodrama. More fun and less pretentious than the formalist films then dominating the avant-garde, their colorful exercises in movieland surrealism would inspire such kindred spirits as John Waters and Guy Maddin. This program pairs two of the Kuchars’ best-known efforts, Mike’s futuristic fantasy Sins of the Fleshapoids (1965, 43 min.) and George’s tragic romance Hold Me While I’m Naked (1966, 15 min.); they typify the brothers’ work in their bold hues, potent amateur acting, and postdubbed soundtracks (dominated by lush orchestral music cues that contrast wildly with the junky sets and costumes).