Three films by the great Michael Snow, probably the most important avant-garde artist and filmmaker working in Canada. See You Later/Au Revoir, a 1990 short receiving its Chicago premiere, features Snow himself rising from a desk, saying good-bye to a woman, and walking out a door—an event filmed with a Super Slo-Mo camera and stretched out to 18 beautiful and fascinating minutes; Snow aptly calls the film “slightly activated Vermeer.” The 41-minute Seated Figures (1988) is landscape in motion, filmed over a succession of terrains from a truck and accompanied by the sounds of an audience. So Is This (1982), the longest (43 minutes) and best of the lot, is nothing but a silent, printed text delivered a word at a time. Yet Snow does so many remarkable and unexpected things with this form that you won’t be bored for a minute; in more ways than one, it’s the most socially engaged of his films to date.