Harold Lloyd stars in two silent features, both codirected by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor. In Safety Last (1923, 78 min.) the most famous image of silent comedy—Lloyd hanging from the hands of a clock, 12 stories above the streets of Los Angeles—represents only one of the great moments in what could be the most brilliantly sustained comic climax in film history. A marvel, and there’s more in the fine character work that leads Lloyd up to the big moment. The other great silent comics defined their own worlds; Lloyd lives dangerously in ours. In Girl Shy (1924, 88 min.) the resident nebbish of Little Bend, California, writes a book on how to succeed with women, even though he can’t stop stuttering when he looks a girl in the face. Lloyd, the supreme technician of silent comedy, creates a classically constructed story that never wastes a frame of film. A paradigm of a great tradition, this shouldn’t be missed.