Thirteen years after the acclaimed Finding Nemo (2003), Disney/Pixar deliver a perfect facsimile, with the aquatic characters setting off on another ocean adventure. The gentle clown fish Nemo and his kvetching father, Marlin (given voice by Albert Brooks), live happily on the Pacific coral reef where the previous film left them, but then their pal Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), an amnesiac blue tang, has a flashback of her parents that leads her, and eventually Marlin and Nemo, on a journey to reach the fictional Marine Life Institute in Monterey, California. As in the original movie, there’s no hint of pop-culture snark: the elemental emotions at work and the childlike awe at the undersea world—rendered once again in colorful, carefully researched, lovingly precise animation—contribute to the sense of a story timeless and pure. Andrew Stanton returns as director, sharing duties with Angus MacLane; among the other voice actors are Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, and Bill Hader.