Finding Your Feet

This entry in the growing romantic-comedy subgenre of British old-timers rediscovering their zest for life follows a snobby social climber (Imelda Staunton) who walks in on her husband having an affair with her best friend. The cliches continue as she flees her palatial home in Surrey to crash with her bohemian older sister (Celia Imrie), who lives in a shambolic public housing complex and smokes pot with other aging lefties. When the older sister coaxes the younger to attend her weekly dance class, she begins to unwind and stumbles into a chaste romance with her dance partner (Timothy Spall). The cast is entertaining, if a tad performative, and some shockingly funny moments distract from an otherwise predictable plot. Richard Loncraine directed; with David Hayman and Joanna Lumley.